Moments Photography + Co.: Blog en-us (C) Moments Photography + Co. [email protected] (Moments Photography + Co.) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:23:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:23:00 GMT Moments Photography + Co.: Blog 80 120 The Making of a Moments Team One of my "Mama Bear Mantras" is “Take risk in relationship” I’ve got 6 kids aged 3-17 and as we navigate life, this is a theme I want them to hear over and over again.  Risk in relationship. Take risks in relationships. Yep, you might get hurt. Hurt happens. But you also might find a treasure.

I have an idea!!!!!Actual footage of me having an idea.

I was cultured in Dallas, TX for the first 10 years of my adult life. And there’s something I learned from Southern hospitality: never show up empty-handed.  That's what I'm talking about in relationships. Ain’t nobody can steal the gift of who you are...but it’s your responsibility to show up to the party of life with the gift of yourself in hand.

Gift in handBehind a lens is home

So one day, 3 years ago, I showed up at the virtual doorstep of my biggest competitor, Mallory, and asked her to work for me. Actually, I told her I needed her. I saw her work, I saw her personality, I saw her strengths, I saw my weaknesses and I wanted to take the leap and see what we could do together. I’m so glad I didn’t shy away from the fear of rejection, mockery, or being taken advantage of because taking that risk in relationship has raised the bar in my personal life and professional life. Here, three years later, I’m thrilled Mallory is no longer, “just second shooting” for me at weddings, but that she joined my team last month at Moments Photography + Co.!!

Moments Photographer, Mallory

Mallory brings a degree in Instructional Design and Technology to the company that steps up our branding game significantly. Not only is she good with a camera, she’s great with an iMac ...which, honestly, is where I never like to spend time. I needed someone on my team to do the dirty, creative work of logo design and photoshop amazingness with the eye of an artist. She’s got this impressive portfolio of design work for luxury real estate magazines and newspapers, national billboards and our very own United States of America Military Instruction Publications. (Shout out to Veteran’s Day, today!!) As great as the portfolio was, it isn’t what I wanted from Mallory. I don’t just need another photographer/designer on my team. I need heart.  During the interviewing process here at Moments, I tell my people, “I’m firmly connected to God and fiercely committed to my team.” And that’s what I want from them as well. We are a whole-hearted business, bringing our talents, skills, and a whole lotta hustle with passion and purpose.

Heart of Moments PhotographerFirmly connected, fiercely committed

So while she’s an ace with the details, she’s got the heart of a Moments Photographer. The mission is in the name, we’re here to capture a moment in your life. Your session with Mallory will be short but your memories will be long. Your Moments will shine into generations. Mallory loves building long-term relationships. She’s passionate about cultivating trust and genuineness into her work, especially the babies. Her Baby’s First Year sessions get better and better with each sitting. And we are THRILLED to offer in-studio or in-home baby sessions for central Illinois.

If you don’t love this girl like I do, you will once you hear about her true-crime obsession or the biggest question of the day, “Are we doing 2 pumps or 3 pumps of sugar-free vanilla in the hot, venti, Americano with an extra shot today?”

Welcome, Mallory!!! Girl, we got this!!

Moments PhotographersJody Robinson and Mallory Nyman





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Being a Moments Photographer There are an endless amount of photographers out there in the world. They take photos of everything from pretty envelopes to NYC at night to bald eagles on the Mississippi river. That isn’t me. I don’t take those photos. My name is Jody, and I’m a Moments Photographer. 
Jody Robinson, Moments PhotographerIn my happy place...high heels and camera in hand.

I create Moments. Moments of connection, moments of laughter, moments of reflection, moments of grace, moments of wonder, moments of remembering, moments of you. The hour we spend together, you’ll remember for the rest of your life. You’ll remember how you felt, where you were, and that you knew you were the most important thing on my calendar in that moment. You’ll know I was having a blast and together we made magic. We made your Moments.


Crooked CameraMy BIGGEST flaw as a photographer, is not holding my camera straight up and down!!!'d think 20 years in and I'd look at the whole picture, instead of just my subjects eyes. But nope, eyes only.

I may be behind the camera but I’m right there with you. During a session we talk and get to know each other. No doubt you’ll hear about my 6 kids. And I’ll for sure find out what your favorite food is...if it’s sushi or dark chocolate…you’re gonna get a solid fist-bump with my non-trigger hand. We'll be having a conversation while my camera takes 3 pictures per second. I’ll be watching for your actual smile, not camera-ready smile. I’ll even call you out on that crap when I sense you faking it or trying too hard to please me, because it’s not about me. I want you slowing down enough to have the chance to see you, like the world actually sees you. When we look at the back of my camera, I want you to be so dang impressed with yourself. That’s YOU!!! That’s what you actually look like, and it’s amazing!!! And until we get that…we haven’t made Moments. But honestly, usually, it takes about 12 minutes. 12 minutes into a session and you’re going to start believing what the rest of us know is true. You’re a handsome, beautiful person.  Gifted, funny, witty, shy, sweet,  It will show in the photos because that’s who you are.

Twenty years ago when I was chasing my toddler nieces and nephews around, I didn’t realize that I wasn’t just trying to take a good picture, I was trying to make a Moment. For me it’s not about the technical finesse or the perfect light or the creative composition…though I really enjoy those things. I could have all of them and be bored if you're sitting there unengaged. If the smile isn’t genuine, don’t freakin’ smile! But I’m going to create a Moment in which you’ll smile. It won’t be fake. It won’t be forced. It will be actual connection because YOU matter to me.  This is your life. These are your Moments.

I’m Jody, your Moments Photographer.

We're having fun, or I quit.I crack myself up. Trust me, you don't have to make me happy. I'll laugh enough for both of us.




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Introducing: Moments Photography + Co! It’s official!!! Moments by Jody has expanded  and is officially launching as Moments Photography + Co. Here’s the team! That’s me, Jody Robinson, right in the middle of the party!


This blog post, my friends, is like an Oscar speech. I have many people to thank for helping me get to this time, and this space, for this Moment. So that’s what I’m going to do. Cue the music when you want me to stop…


First and foremost, I want to thank my friends that saw I had a gift. In 2007 I started Moments by Jody, a photography business that got off the ground after taking photos of family and friends with a borrowed camera. I didn’t have a studio, just a little home office in McKinney, TX, and most importantly I had passion. I bought and learned how to use a big ol’ fancy camera, then a black backdrop, and my passion turned into production.

(Back story: When I was a kid, I asked my mom to buy me a camera for my 12th birthday. We were poor, and bless her heart, she told me, “Jody, photography is an expensive hobby.” Then my birthday came and I opened a brand spankin’ new ALARM CLOCK. Well, the joke’s on her because I still like to sleep late, AND I became a real-life photographer.)


My next super big thank you goes to that woman in the photo rocking the massive Canon lens. Her name is Mallory. She’s my competition. About four years ago, I started shooting weddings, and after a terrible experience hiring a second shooter I’d never met before, I had to do something different. I started looking around my own small town and identified the best photographer I could see. After I found her I started a conversation that went something like, “I know you’re my biggest competition in this town but I want to hire you. Will you work with me on weddings?” It’s risky. Showing your weakness. Telling someone I need you. Asking for help. And it was the best decision I ever made as a business owner. We’re opposite in almost every way. Our personality types: she’s meticulous and detailed oriented and I’m spazzy and spontaneous. She’s Canon. I’m Nikon. Together, we make just about the perfect photography team. You’ve got my crazy fun, energetic style and then in walks Mallory with the perfect calm peacefulness. Thank you, Mallory, for also believing in collaboration and offering the best parts of you to make Moments great. I would not be doing this without you.


Mallory’s previous business, Mallory Nyman Photography, is closing this week as she becomes the Primary Studio photographer for Moments Photography + Co. I can’t wait to showcase her work with newborns, babies, and cake smashes! And she will, of course, be my right hand as Second Shooter for all our weddings. Mallory also does field work with families, real estate, and personal/corporate branding. We have a ridiculous amount of opportunities to share with you in the coming months!


Finally, I want to thank the “+ Co.” ladies. Last December, My mentor Laura, asked me about my dreams. She wanted me to think bigger than I’d ever thought and say things out loud I had never said before. As I began to describe what my perfect work day would look like, I began to see a team. People who loved their jobs and loved to work together. I love being a photographer. I love 14-hour wedding days. I love working with High School Seniors until every ounce of their personality shines through my lens. I also love to lead and inspire. That’s actually part of every photo shoot I do; I’m leading you to be your best self. Inspiring you to take the risk and show the world your true self. Because you are magic.  Your Moments matter. So the “+ Co.” part of Moments is team. We’re a team who not only does photography, but also branding, graphic design, event coordinating, and styling.


Thank you for sticking with me till the very end of this thank you speech. There are seriously so many people along the way that have shaped and molded who I am as a photographer and business owner. I am ever so thankful for each of you! When I say “we are just getting started” I mean it. There is something for everyone here at Moments Photography + Co. It would mean so much to me if you would sign up on our email list to stay involved in community with us. I promise not to spam your inbox, but how cool that we have communication tools that allow us to keep connected. PLUS… How does a FREE Christmas card session sound? Signing up for our email list means special perks delivered directly to your inbox!


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