Jody Robinson
Photographer, Owner

When I was 12 years old I wanted a camera for my birthday. Unfortunately, my mom told me photography was an expensive hobby, and bought me an alarm clock instead!  Well, joke's on her because I still sleep late, AND I became a real-life photographer!


A few journeys through Social Work, Event Planning, and Motherhood taught me a ton about finding the best in people and bringing that passion to my work. As an artist and a business owner, my style of photography is about Moments. You either embrace them and make magic or lose them and forget them. Together, we'll create Moments filled with meaning.


It's your life. It's beautiful and messy and fun and scary. Who you are is what we show the world and that person is amazing! Let's do this. Reach out today, before you get lost in all the "but I'm nots....." Yes, you are. You are amazing and that's what your photos will show. I promise.