All the photos at a wedding are going to be taken. All the poses, all the smiles, someone will take them. It's giving the process meaning that makes magic and then the experience becomes a Moment.

A Moments Wedding is spent half waiting and half watching. The first half is brimming with preparation and anticipation to see your Love. The second half is overflowing with lingering eye contact, sweet kisses, and wishing the first dance would never end.

You'll find yourself swirling and searching for the Moments that mean this is real; this is who we are together. Look at us! This is our Dream! The Me becomes We as you whisper in ears, dance in raindrops, and cuddle into arms every chance you get.  And when you hire the most attentive team in Central Illinois who are experts in their craft and exquisitely focused on you, we take those pictures and call them Moments.

Moments Photography + Co. is the only business in the Midwest that shoots with a 4-person team at each wedding. Two Photographers, a Stylist and a Personal Assistant ensure you are picture-perfect and every beautiful Moment is reality. Our team is firmly grounded and fiercely committed to the 15 Couples we serve each year. That's right. 15 weddings. We don't do 40 weddings a year. Instead, we invest ourselves deeply into making 15 Wedding Days an absolute Dream Come True through photos. 

That starts with a Dream Session. Some people call it a consult, but that's not accurate for us. We're dreaming with you! Listening for attributes that set you apart as a couple and planning how to highlight that love and uniqueness into photography. Reach out today, before our 15 spots are filled for 2019. Let's dream up a Moments wedding!